Privacy Notice: what footprints do you leave behind, and who can see them?

Website Privacy

Specific to this site and web browsing.

Information in Bloom Management Services is hosted on This site is frequently reviewed and updated to provide an engaging visit while collecting minimal personal data; however, this is the internet, and some cookies are needed to make things run.


What are 'cookies'?

A little data goes a long way; cookies are small pieces of data that get sent from the website, sometimes as soon as you visit, and are stored in the web browser. The site then uses the cookies to perform certain functions, such as logging in, recognizing when you return to to the website, noting the browser you used to visit, and recording what pages are visited frequently to suggest what is the most interesting and useful.


Cookies and

This site uses three types of cookies to identify users. They are:

  • Single session-cookies: Temporary & erased by your browser when closed. Required by this site's markup to function.
  • Internal Site cookies: used only by this site; all our internal site cookies are single-session.
  • Third-Party cookies: used for connecting to specific content.  These are placed by...
    • Instagram, for display of Instagram content on the site.
    • BootstrapCDN, as part of FontAwesome for better design, and to let the Twitter feed display.
    • Google Analytics, are used to get a feel for what visitors like and what site referred them here.
    • reCAPTCHA, owned by Google, to reduce spam.

How you can control cookies

A pop-up when first viewing allows users to accept cookies or set preferences for Third-Party cookies; currently however this does not effect single-session cookies, which are removed when you close your browser. Other things you can do include:

Business Privacy Policy


If information is not need-to-know, we’re not asking.

Information is collected when:

  • You submit your email to join the mailing list. This includes your name and email address.
  • You contact Victoria directly. This will include your name, email, and other details in your message to get in touch.
  • You contract out Information in Bloom Management Services. This information varies, with explicit consent before acquiring.

As a practice, Information in Bloom collects only the minimum information necessary to respond or perform the task requested.


How collected information is used

Information in Bloom uses the information collected to:

  • Gather insights from web cookies to improve the site, or identify malicious intent, including spam (see Website Privacy)
  • Send out newsletters when you’ve joined the mailing list.
  • Reply directly to your contact. If you’ve suggested interest in a business relationship, consent may be requested to keep in touch for future opportunities.
  • Process the information received for the purpose of agreed contracted services. The nature of processing will be discussed and consent required before processing. 


Who can see it

Information may be shared with:

  • Information collected for the mailing list is processed by MailChimp. You may see their privacy policy here.
  • With consent in order to fulfil contracted obligations, such as using a third party for more advanced services or meet business operations.
  • If disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with Canadian law or regulatory requirements.


Information in Bloom Management Services protects PII with:

  • Up-to-date anti-malware and defenders
  • Data minimization
  • Information classification
  • Limited retention of sensitive information
  • Encryption for sensitive data
  • Backup storage
  • Other appropriate safeguards as appropriate for the information in question. 

Retention and Destruction

How long is it kept

Information is kept until..

  • Mailing List data: is stored on MailChimp’s server. Users may unsubscribe at anytime, and have their information deleted.
  • Other information is retained on a case-by-case bases, and varies by industry.
  •  Factors on if/when information is destroyed include existing business relationships, last contact, proof of transactions, regulatory requirements or other criteria.
  • Information in Bloom may have limited retention control over information that is submitted via a third party service, such as communications via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Please check with the service before sending, and contact to discuss alternative transmission methods if a concern.

Information in Bloom's services and servers are located in Canada.

Your Information,

Your Rights

For more information on Canadian privacy, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for details. Individuals have the right:

  • to request a report on what information (if any) Information in Bloom holds.
  • to request updates and corrections to their data.
  • to request information removal and erasure.

In addition, as a individual you may be entitled to further privacy rights, based on your country of residency and applicable privacy legislation. To maintain compliance and avoid fraud, Information in Bloom reserves the right:

  • To verify the identity of the request prior to disclosure.
  • To contact a third party about the request if more than one individual will be affected by disclosure or destruction.
  • To refuse disclosure or destruction of information if such action conflicts with legal or regulatory obligations.
  • To contact the appropriate information and/or privacy supervisory authority on personal information that falls outside Canadian jurisdiction.


This privacy notice was last updated on September 7th, 2017.

Information in Bloom may update this policy to comply with changing regulations, or in continued efforts to be clear on privacy operations. Major changes are discussed with clients as part of existing agreements.



Questions? Need more info? Email for more details or concerns. 

Information in Bloom Management Services is committed to ethical and responsible uses of information and data. Your privacy is important.