10 Ways the Information Landscape Changed in 2017

It's been a long twelve months 2017. No doubt many newscasters have had their hand full picking out the most significant stories of the year: between a newly elected president in the United States, an investigation on international election interference, terrorist attacks, devastating hurricanes, North Korea upping the nuclear ante and the damn bursting open […]

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Hi-Tech Holidays: Put Privacy in Mind When Picking out Presents

’Tis the season: November is at its end, and suddenly your shopping list has moved into overdrive with gift purchases, be they intended for family, friends, or an office Secret Santa. With the increasing rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) products, it's very likely you have thought about giving a gift of a connected […]

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Fake News vs Free Speech: Facebook’s Festering Information Challenge

Fake news, charges of election meddling by foreign propaganda, and now allegations of listening in on conversations made through the chat interface of the platform: face it Facebook, you're no longer the friendly-go-lucky "connect to friends and family" tech company you were when you started out. Between heavy mining and sale of personal data, combined […]

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  • Detailed threat on ‘smart locks’ with lots to unpack, but this hit my privacy radar. As in, “would this even be legal in Canada”? ,
  • In case you've missed it, the new privacy regulations mean business: Google has been fined $56.8 million for breaking the EU’s GDPR. A drop in the bucket for the multi-billion dollar company, but not a fine most could afford. ,
  • Here we go! ,
  • Good thread on news stories and critical reading. ,