Blockchain and Privacy: Still a New Frontier, or a False Start?

Why not use blockchain for better privacy protection? Unfortunately, while the technology has benefits, for personal data it still seems to fall short.

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Pain Points in Biometric System Security

Biometric authentication is moving fast from science fiction into everyday reality. From unlocking devices at the sound of a voice, to facial recognition, biometrics systems are growing in use and application, and for good reason. They are convenient, easy to use, and viewed as more secure than conventional authentication systems. Before you jump right in […]

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Function Creep: The Frankenstein of Privacy

Do you worry about how a new technology could invade your privacy in the future? Are you ever concerned that the company you give your data to will use it against you down the road? Have you wondered if it’s time tinfoils hats came back into style? If so, you’re not alone. While innovators assure […]

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  • In all fairness to Thailand, having a privacy bill that still allows state surveillance isn't a new thing. It should however, be a wake up call for designers on data minimization, encryption, de-identification and anonymization.,