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Get your team trained in privacy

When was the last time your team trained for privacy? Within the past six months? Less than a year ago? If the answer is longer, open your calendar. Time to place privacy training on the schedule, now.

Privacy training is critical in protecting and defending important information assets. If you trust a person with accessing data, you must demonstrate the ways in which they are expected to care for it. Training also brings better situational awareness. It helps staff prevent accidents from happening, and reinforces the actions they must take to shield the weakest links. Training fills in the gaps: asking to identify samples of sensitive data, why verification is critical for access requests, or the differences between types of consent. Active training, re-enforcement of security controls and a sharper understanding of company expectations brings confidence.

Time to place privacy training on the schedule, now.

Training Options

Information in Bloom Management Services offers three in-person training options:



Information Sessions

Single-session on selected topics. Useful for updating existing knowledge on new privacy regulatory requirements or include security with other development training.

  • Short informative sessions reinforcing need-to-know concepts.
  • Cover specific issues or bring general awareness.
  • Check-ins: nip evidence of problematic behaviour in the bud.
  • Updates to company policies or practices.

Delivered on-site or at select locations.



Evergreen Workshops

Foundational privacy and security training for your team. Give the protection of personal data the attention it deserves. Good for:

  • Training new hires on privacy and security practices.
  • Providing customized training for specific departments on their unique challenges.
  • Refreshing all staff on privacy in Canada and other markets viable to your business.

Workshops offer both presentations and activities to get attendees engaged with the material.



Privacy Pathways

An in-depth course provided over a two or three month period. Pathways looks with detail at privacy legislations, practices and security controls.

  • For those who will regularly be accessing sensitive information, managing privacy compliance, or who see the value of security acumen in business.
  • Includes details on relevant privacy regulations, security risk areas and mitigation measures.

Pathways is provided through in-person training, with some minor independent assignments, readings and pop quizzes to sharpen skills.

Training areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify foundational privacy principals.
  • Prepare management for information security essentials.
  • Recognizing what is personal information, with the ability to compare levels of sensitivity.
  • Understand why auditing third party services is critical.
  • Review of internal office privacy policies.
  • Discuss privacy and/or information security regulations applicable to your organization.
  • Interpret existing safeguards and learn to apply protection measures.
  • Walk through internal incident protocol and expectations.
  • Establish staff understanding of any existing records retention and destruct policies.
  • List key information required for data breach reporting.
  • Locate where to get more help.

Additional subjects may be available.

Contact Victoria to assess your team's needs.