Information and Data Services

In the current corporate climate, information is everything

Having a strategic plan for organizing data, documents and intelligence makes a difference. Lay out a program that establishes whom is in charge of data decision-making and information management. Set out the tactics for data quality controls. If you want to make more ot of information and data resources, Information in Bloom Management Services has you covered.

What are the benefits of governance?

Governance establishes what you have, where it should be, and staff responsibilities. Linking intelligence, documents and data to management tactics brings efficiencies and benefits. It improves security and privacy by limiting access locations requiring safeguards. It speeds up data discovery by showing staff where to find critical resources, and cutting back on record duplication. By connecting to the information and data lifecycle, you'll see when information has value, and how to destroy when the value is gone.

IIBMS’s information and data solutions include:

  • Application of the information lifecycle to business practices.
  • Data flow mapping and diagrams.
  • Information and data inventories.
  • Classification structures and information architectures.
  • Retention schedules and destruction guidelines.
  • Operating procedures, guidelines and how-to documentation.

It’s time to start taming your information jungle.

Reap the benefits of what your data can do for you.