Why Information Management and Data Governance?

Why Information Management or Data Governance?

Information management and data governance are the strategic direction of resources, systems and knowledge within an organization. Information governance focus on laying out the plan for whom is in charge of decision-making and performing actions that affect the control information quality, while information management sets out the tactics for how actions are enforced. Data governance and data management operates in a similar manner, but with emphasis on raw data or database resources, which may have particular challenges or requirements as oppose to solid documents and curated content. 

By exercising control over how information and data is acquired, communicated, employed and disposed of, corporations can promote harmony between programs and people. Information management and data governance are used to reduce spending and maximize efficiency by making data easier to access for those that need it while ensuring safeguards against outsider intervention, by improving the quality of intelligence holdings as they relate to business needs, and by keeping knowledge in the hands of the organization regardless of staff turnover.

What about Privacy?

Information management and data governance are a foundational part of proper privacy protections and I.T. security planning. For more details, see our privacy services

What can Information in Bloom Management Services offer my organization?

Tailored Solutions
Sit down and discuss your business needs, needs and wishes. Who needs to use the information and how? Information in Bloom works side by side with clients to provide solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Get Moving!
In the growing world of information management, the sooner you start the better. With the fast-paced growth of technology and different media, there's no slowing down of incoming data, and once collected information must be ready to move with the business and technology.

Your information needs to be able to communicate effectively with the person behind the PC, and make sense to the people who work with it. Technology may be driving us forward, but humanity chooses the destination.

Keep connected
Relationships don't end when projects are complete. Keep in contact as your system grows and get the helping hand you need, from quick question assistance to consultations on going forward. Information in Bloom Management Services wants your business to be as much a success as you do.

At Information in Bloom Management Services, we're helping your organization manage the world's fastest growing resource.

To request a consultation, fill in the contact form or send a message via my LinkedIn. It’s time to start taming your information jungle, and let your organization reap the benefits of what your data can do for you.

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