10 Things You Need to Know if Collecting Information for Contact Tracing

Collecting customer or guest information for COVID-19 contact tracing? Before you start collecting names, emails or phone numbers, here are 10 points you need to know.

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Will COVID-19 Test Privacy’s Limits?

Wash your hands regularly.   Keep a social distance from others when out in public.   Change your work habits by working from home or wearing a mask… assuming you can continue to work at all.   To say COVID-19 has been world-changing is an understatement. The deadly pandemic is a shoo-in for the Times […]

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Pride & Privacy: Insights from Jane Austen

It might sound odd to talk about privacy at a time when computer surveillance didn’t exist. If transported to today’s era, modern communications would floor Jane Austen. Photographs, instant text messages, public platforms, using devices to communicate at all.. the list goes on. Computers in the 18th century weren’t even a pipe dream. It wasn’t […]

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