Five Reasons Why Your Team Needs Privacy Training

Debating if your business should invest in privacy and cybersecurity training? If your organization handles personal information it should be a no-brainer. 

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Rooting out Taxonomy Trees

Looking to get an organization on board with controlled vocabulary? Consider for your business intelligence and information design needs: the taxonomy tree.

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Dark Patterns: Damaging Privacy Through Design

Dark patterns have been in play for decades. Web use of dark patterns however, is alarming, particularly when personal data and privacy enter the mix.

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  • Had a question about this type of possibility the last time I gave a talk on biometric facial scanning & who ‘owns’ a person’s face. Bookmarking as the case study to watch for. ,
  • Seeing comments about how the U.S government can access data if using Google or Facebook apps. They’re not wrong. In reality, even under the GDPR, governments and enforcement can access collected personal data if they have a warrant or their needs are justified under the law. ,
  • Attn: startups: Start. Privacy. Protection. Early. ,