What is Information Management?

Like the pillars of finance and human resources, information and data are imperative to company success. 

What is Information Management?

Information Management is the strategic direction of information resources, systems and knowledge within an organization. By exercising control over how information is acquired, communicated, employed and disposed of, corporations can promote harmony between programs and people. Information Management is used to reduce spending and maximize efficiency by making data easier to access for those that need it, by improving the quality of intelligence holdings as they relate to business needs, and by keeping knowledge in the hands of the organization regardless of staff turnover.


Why should my business have IM?

Information Management offers accountability to your customers, your shareholders and your staff. It cuts costs by cleaning out dead data, making your resources matter. With IM you're you're taking a proactive approach towards efficiency, risk management and communications by building a better information framework. IM makes your business conscious of it's information assets, while integrating a plan for the flexibility and adaptability all organizations need in this ever-changing marketplace.

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