Service Packages

Privacy Planting

Privacy Planting FlyerYou want to offer your customers better service through their data, but are you doing enough to keep it safe from abuse? As the news hits over a yet another privacy scandal, legislators and consumers worry what you’ll do with their data should they hand it over. You want to perform a better analysis of your data by combining sources to improve product, but found out if not performed carefully you could actually increase risk and breach your own privacy agreements. Circumstances in your business have you looking at outside vendors for support, but how do you know what data you have the right, if any, to share, and how can you do so while keeping maximum control? If you outsource your needs, how safe is the data you’ve handed over, and if a problem does occur what are the potential impacts on your organization?

Privacy Planting is the practical, down to earth implementation of the tools, assessments and training your business needs to protect personally identifiable information. It combines Information in Bloom's information and data governance experience with the standards of the International Association of Privacy Professionals' CIPT certification. If your business is looking to increase compliance with industry privacy requirements, safeguard customer data and minimize risk, Privacy Planting is the package you need.

This service includes:

  • Certified Information Privacy Technologist Consulting
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • Notices, Policies, and Controls
  • Data Flow Diagramming to see your information flow and security weak points
  • Security Classification and Access Controls
  • Social Media Content Guidelines
  • Staff Training & Defense Culture Development

Proper application of privacy practices is a must-have for every business, proven to cut expensive costs associated with risk and violation suits, while increasing sales through customer and client trust. If your company is collecting personally identifiable information, plant a little privacy into your organization for a stronger, stable growth.

Data Management for the Budding Researcher


Plant your data firmly on the ground, and let your study flourish.

Preparing a proposal for funding? Having a data management plan in place can help.

Grant-giving institutions and other agencies are placing more emphasis on research data. A data management plan secures your research by breaking down the data lifecycle, showing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the information you handle.

This service offers:

  • Face-to-face or Skype consultation on the project
  • Step-by-step process of your research in the data lifecycle
  • Identification of data compliance issues, in particular privacy and security
  • A Professional Data Management Plan to support your grant proposal
  • Support and advice on implementation, including tools, resources and best practices

By bringing on information and data specialist, you enhance your research, and demonstrate commitment to data quality and industry compliance. 

IM Landscaping: Information Management and Data Management Services

IM Landscaping flyer previewYour business is more established, with a team of over twenty staff, an office in Halifax and an established customer base. Chances are you've heard about Information and Data Management, but the benefits were never quite clear, or it's never been the priority. Now is the time to take action: let Information in Bloom Management Services show you how valuable your information and data resources can be. When it comes to your business, a little strategy can go a long way.

IM Landscaping is intended to enhance your business's information environment and facilitate corporate growth in this ever-changing intelligence marketplace. Information in Bloom offers a strategic approach to information by organizing the search, collection, sharing, evaluation, storage and removal of data & documents. Using best practices, policies, resource mapping, technology training and consultation, IM Landscaping delivers plans that help improve efficiency while increasing the value of information holdings. By engaging an information professional to support your staff and IT team, you can evaluate gaps in your processes and boost accountability for stakeholders. IM increases sales by using better quality of information to relate to the customers on a personal level, while saving costs by reduced search time, lowering information risks and recognizing when to remove costly outdated records. With Information in Bloom IM Landscaping, you're contracting the expertise to plant, weed and grow information organically into your successful enterprise.

    This service includes:

  • Consultation & development of corporate information & data management strategy
  • Visualized intelligence: information inventory, basic data analytics, reporting
  • Learn how to use your data to personalize your customer's experience
  • Establish your information retention lifecycle and clean out dead data: remove what you can't afford to drag along
  • Have trust in your system, by getting staff on board with the policies and best practices that keep your information secure
  • Organized information architecture that lays out the landscape, making it easier to find what you need, and clearer for new staff to step in should experienced staff step out
  • Missing something? Consulting to help you find what information minimums you need to capture, bringing a proactive process for your data entry

Be ready for the challenges ahead: technology keeps changing, and your customers will be expecting you to change with it. Know your resources, where they are and what holds the highest value so that when the time comes you can pick up and move smoothly.

Cultivating Information Culture

CIC Flyer PreviewYour information technology crew is well on top of keeping your system up to date, but recent studies show that the second largest cause for security breach is due to person error, not IT inefficiency. Your staff has signed a social media policy, but news broke about another scandal and you're getting fearful if that was enough. You want to give your team a leg up with their software use, but IT can't spare the extra time.

Cultivating Information Culture recognizes that no matter what the hardware or who wrote your software, to be a truly efficient business your tools are only as effective as the staff that wields them. A combination of training and adapting current practices for better usability, with a goal of giving staff that extra attention so that they can be empowered in their technology use. At Information in Bloom, the person reading and writing the data is just as critical as the program saving it.

    This service includes:

  • Consultation on learning objectives and training goals
  • Common Information Tool Training: One on one or group training on how to save, access, and clean up information within popular programs
  • Security First: Review current security agreements and combine with basic best practices, so that the you and your clients can sleep soundly
  • Social Media Etiquette 101: stay aware of privacy & personal information trends, and how to avoid becoming be another public relations disaster
  • Search like the Librarian: Help employees get more out of database search by teaching them the language and tricks of the trade
  • Pick what you need: Presentations, Lunch & Learn, One on One or Group Training.

All Cultivating Information Culture services are offered on one-time basis, or can be combined with IM Landscaping for detailed information management control.

Roots for Small Business

You have the ideas, the drive, and the desire to move forward; yours is a fresh small Roots flyer previewbusiness that's just starting to sprout. You have the seeds of valuable information, but don't know how or where to plant them. You may have Googled business software, but are overwhelmed by what's available. You need someone at your side, to explore options and assist you as you decide what's right for your business. Not to worry! Information in Bloom Management Services is here to set your business on solid ground.

Intended for small businesses without major technology needs, Roots for Small Business introduces you to the user-friendly apps and software that will help your business from the ground up. Need an accounting system, a communications package, a customer management database starter or inventory control? Let me show you what's out there, and how to get "the best bang for your buck".

    The Roots for Small Business Package includes:

  • An opening questionnaire and consultation
  • Software recommendations based on your budget, IT expertise and industry
  • An information strategy to keep you in the loop
  • A roadmap for your company components, that can grow with your business