Privacy Services

Why should your business care about privacy? Because your customers do.   By the numbers: 86% of users take their privacy seriously online, but only 26% are somewhat or more confident the companies they do business with protect their privacy. 90% of Canadians feel there are loosing control of their data, and expect better protection […]

What is ‘Information in Bloom’?

Picture your information like a seed freshly-planted in your company garden. With the right technology, such as a good pot and a bit of water, it slowly starts to sprout. With tender care, regular watering, weeding, attention to growth details and attention, it starts to bloom, becoming an asset that you can feel pride in […]

Why choose Information in Bloom Management Services?

What does Information in Bloom have to offer? Tailored Solutions Sit down and discuss your business needs, needs and wishes. Who needs to use the information and how? Information in Bloom works side by side with clients to provide solutions that meet the needs of your business. Get Moving! In the growing world of information […]

What is Information Management?

Like the pillars of finance and human resources, information and data are imperative to company success.  What is Information Management? Information Management is the strategic direction of information resources, systems and knowledge within an organization. By exercising control over how information is acquired, communicated, employed and disposed of, corporations can promote harmony between programs and people. […]